How Does Indeed Make Money?

Indeed is the world’s largest job site, with over 250 million unique visitors each month from more than 190 countries.1 But how does Indeed make money? We generate revenue in two ways.

The first is through pay-per-click advertising, where companies pay to have their jobs featured prominently on our site. The second is through sponsored listings, which are similar to pay-per-click ads but appear as organic results within search results.

If you’re like most people, you probably use Indeed when you’re looking for a new job. But have you ever wondered how Indeed makes money? Turns out, Indeed has a few different ways of making money.

The first way is through job postings. Employers pay to post their jobs on Indeed, and indeed charges different rates depending on how many jobs they want to post and how long they want those jobs to be live on the site. The second way is through sponsored listings.

These are basically ads that employers can pay for in order to get their jobs more visibility on the site. When someone searches for a particular job title or location, the sponsored listings will show up first in the search results. And finally, Indeed also makes money from clicks on its Google Adsense ads.

Whenever someone clicks on one of these ads, Indeed gets a cut of that revenue. So there you have it! Those are the three main ways that Indeed makes money.

The Advanced Guide to How Does Indeed Work & Make Money

Indeed Revenue

Indeed is a job search engine that allows users to search for jobs and apply online. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Indeed generates revenue through two main sources: job postings and sponsored listings.

Job postings are free for employers but they can pay to have their listing featured at the top of the search results. Sponsored listings are also available for employers who want to promote their brand on Indeed. These listings appear as ads on the site and can be targeted to specific searches or locations.

Indeed offers a variety of features to help employers find the right candidates for their open positions. Employers can post unlimited jobs and access resume database. They can also use Indeed’s Promote feature to boost their visibility on the site.

How Does Indeed Make Money?


How Did Indeed Make Money? is a job search engine that allows users to search for jobs, post resumes, and read reviews about potential employers. The website also offers resources for employers such as job postings and employee screening. Indeed makes money by charging employers for posting job ads on the website.

Job seekers can access Indeed for free.

Does Indeed Make a Profit?

No, Indeed does not make a profit. It is a free site for job seekers and employers alike. The company makes its money through advertising and by charging employers to post jobs on the site.

Does Indeed Cost Money?

Indeed is a job search engine that allows users to search for jobs, submit resumes, and read reviews. The website also includes employer ratings and salary information. All of this is available for free.

There are three different ways to pay on Indeed: cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression (CPM), or cost per hire (CPH). CPC means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. CPM means that you pay every time your ad appears on the screen, regardless of whether it’s clicked on or not.

CPH is a bit different—you only pay when someone actually applies for a job through your posting. Paying for ads on Indeed can get expensive. The average CPC is $0.25, and the average CPM is $5.00.

That means if you want your ad to appear 1,000 times, you’ll need to pay $5,000! And if you want to guarantee that your ad will be clicked on 100 times, you’ll need to spend $2,500.

How Do Job Websites Make Money?

There are a few different ways that job websites make money. The most common is through advertising. Advertisers will pay to have their jobs posted on the site, and they will also pay to have their ads displayed prominently.

Some sites also charge employers a fee to post their jobs, and some sites take a commission from each successful placement.


Indeed is a website that helps people find jobs and has a database of over 250 million resumes. The company makes money by charging employers to post job listings and by selling ads. Indeed also offers paid subscriptions for job seekers and employers, which allow them to access additional features.

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