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How Much Money Have I Spent On Apex?

How Much Money Have I Spent On Apex

I have spent quite a bit of money on Apex. I originally started playing the game when it was first released and have put in many hours since then. In terms of real money, I would say I have probably spend around $200-$300.

This includes buying the game itself, as well as any DLC or microtransactions within the game. I do not regret any of this spending as Apex is one of my favorite games and I always get a lot of enjoyment out of playing it.

I’ve been playing Apex Legends since it first came out, and I’ve sunk a lot of money into the game. I’m not sure how much exactly, but I know it’s a lot. I’ve bought every season pass, all the cosmetics, and event tickets.

I even bought that stupid Founder’s Pack! I don’t regret any of it though, because Apex is my favorite game ever. It’s just so darn addictive and fun.

Plus, the fact that you can earn everything in-game without spending a dime is really cool. So if you’re wondering how much money I’ve spent on Apex…I have no idea. But it’s a lot.

How Much Money Have I Spent On Apex?

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How Much Money Have I Spent on Apex

If you’re wondering how much money you’ve spent on Apex, there’s no easy way to find out. However, we can give you some tips on how to calculate it. The first thing you’ll need to do is check your bank statements and credit card bills for any charges related to Apex.

This includes any in-app purchases, as well as any subscription fees if you’re a member of the EA Access or Origin Access programs. Once you’ve found all of the relevant charges, add them up to get your total spend. Keep in mind that this won’t include any money spent on physical copies of Apex or other merchandise – it’s just for digital content.

If you want to get an idea of what your average spending is, divide your total by the number of months (or years) that you’ve been playing Apex. This will give you a good starting point for budgeting in the future!

How Much Does It Cost to Play Apex

Assuming you are talking about the cost of the game itself, it costs $29.99 USD. However, if you want to purchase in-game items, that will cost extra. For example, the Battle Pass for Season 2 is 950 Apex Coins (which is about $9.50 USD).

So, it really depends on what you want to spend money on within the game.

What is the Price of an Apex Coin

As of right now, the price of an apex coin is $0.01 CAD. However, the price may change in the future depending on market conditions.

How Do I Spend My Apex Coins

There are a few ways to spend your Apex Coins: on new Legends, Legend Skins, Apex Packs, and the Battle Pass. If you want to use your Apex Coins to purchase new Legends or Legend Skins, head over to the Store tab in the lobby. Here, you’ll see all of the different Legends that are available for purchase, as well as any Legend Skins that are currently for sale.

If you see something you like, simply click on it and select “Purchase with Apex Coins.” Apex Packs are loot boxes that can be bought with either Credits or Apex Coins. These packs guarantee at least one Legendary item per pack, and they can contain a variety of other items such as skins, voice lines, banner poses, and crafting materials.

You can find the option to buy an Apex Pack under the Store tab in the lobby; just look for the “Apex Packs” section. Finally, if you want to use your Apex Coins to purchase the Battle Pass (which gives you access to exclusive cosmetic items), go to the Battle Pass tab in the lobby. Here, you’ll see how many Apex Coins is required to buy the pass; once you have enough coins, simply click on “Purchase” and follow the prompts.

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