How To Arrange A Unforgettable Wedding

The girls all have a wedding dream. This day is dreamy and romantic. It truly fulfills the princess dream. What is more important is that this day is a big day to open a new chapter of life with his beloved one!

The first time you are a bride, you will inevitably be in a hurry, do n’t worry, I have summarized the popular wedding form and super creative layout tips, come and find inspiration, let your wedding be the most ingenious one, amazing friends and family.

PART I Net Red Wedding Form Inventory 

Lawn Wedding

Lawn wedding is one of the most popular wedding forms nowadays. Newcomers step on the green lawn and breeze to receive blessings from relatives. Such a scene feels romantic.

Lawn Wedding Considerations

  • The first thing that must be considered for outdoor weddings is the weather. In April and October when the weather is relatively stable and there are few rainy weather, the scenery is also lush. In order to prevent the weather changes on the wedding day, the wind and rain-proof plan B must be prepared, such as transparent umbrellas and simple rain shelters.
  • The effect of the aerial lawn wedding will be very good. When choosing the venue, avoid the shade of trees, which will interfere with the flight of the drone.
  • Domestic wedding ceremonies are generally longer. Remember to prepare seats for wedding guests.
  • The outdoor temperature will affect the quality of the food, so outdoor weddings should try to avoid food that is easily perishable, such as cut fruits, salads with salad dressing, etc., and cakes should also be selected to not melt.

Beach Wedding

The blue sky, golden sand, gentle sea breeze, and the rippling sea water accompanied by a seagull flying in the distance, exchanged the vows of a lifetime in such a scene, romantic.

Notes On Beach Wedding

  • Beach weddings are more suitable in spring and autumn, and the seaside in summer is too hot. Choose morning or evening in terms of time, and try to avoid the period of strongest sunshine. Also pay attention to avoid the time period of high tide and low tide, so as not to wash away wedding items super embarrassed.
  • Prepare a beautiful screen in advance to block the sea breeze, and a sunshade to block the dazzling sunlight.
  • Prepare heatstroke and cooling items for guests, such as iced drinks, fans, sun hats, etc.
  • When you choose a wedding dress, try to choose a light-weight style. Don’t wear a veil. It can’t be beautiful if you are blown away by the sea breeze and destroy your hairstyle.
  • The beach is soft, the bride will definitely be unable to walk in high heels, you can choose bottomless lace shoes, immortal. The carpet in front of the main wedding table is carpeted, which is grand and convenient for the couple to walk.

Chinese Wedding

In recent years, Chinese weddings have been hot. Wu Qilong, Liu Shishi, Chen Xiao, Chen Yanxi, Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy and other stars have chosen the wedding form of Chinese classical elements. Whether it is a gold and silver thread dragon and phoenix gown, or a phoenix crown red makeup tea ceremony, you can smell Chinese wedding customs The depth of the broad.

Traditional Chinese weddings such as brazier, archery and other customs always feel old-fashioned. Small sweet potatoes do n’t have to stick to this. Streamlining some old-school processes, plus exchanging tokens, reading love letters and other favorite links, will also Interesting. Or just design the outgoing link to be Chinese, not only paying tribute to traditional culture, but also experiencing both Chinese and Western styles in a wedding.

Choice Of Dress And Wedding Shoes

Most brides will choose traditional Hexiu and Longfeng gowns. He Xiufu is relatively loose, and has no requirements for body shape, which is definitely a thin artifact. Embroidery themes are very wide.

Dragon and phoenix, peacock, crane, mandarin duck, butterfly, five bats, flowers and plants are all common patterns. In addition to the traditional gold and silver colors, colors with high color saturation may appear on Hexiu clothing.

The dragon and phoenix gown is slim, suitable for tall and thin sweet potatoes. Embroidery patterns must have dragons and phoenixes, embroidered with gold and silver threads, and the embroidery density is divided from small to high, small five, medium five, big five, back of the gown, and emperor of the gown. The more luxurious.

In addition to the common Xiuhe clothing and the dragon and phoenix gown, in fact, the dresses of the Han Dynasty are also very beautiful, new people interested in Hanfu can try it ~ ⇊

PART II Layout Machine

1. Group Photo Wall

There is always a group photo in the welcome session. The effect of commemorating the screen with the words “Hundred Years of Good Counseling” or “Baitou Lao” in bold font is too “too bad to see”. Prepare an interesting exclusive photo zone.

The photo wall matching the wedding style will have a good overall effect. ⇊

Prepare some props for the guests to add fun to the group photo. ⇊

2. Dessert Table

Not only does it add points to the value of the wedding, it is also an energy supply station.

Abandon the old-fashioned sugar cubes, melon seeds, cigarettes, a table filled with cakes and desserts for sweetness ~ ⇊

Filled with fresh fruit, it quenches thirst and is fresh. ⇊

Weddings held in summer can prepare refreshing drinks for the guests to relieve the heat. ⇊

3. Photo Wall

Whether it ’s a sweet photo or an ugly picture as a child, share these lovely moments with guests ~

Limited by the venue, the photos can be placed in a photo frame and the effect is also very good. ⇊

4. Balloon:

The balloon is a device that can greatly enhance the atmosphere, the effect is beautiful, and the immortality is full ~

5. Sign In

Fingerprint sign-in: Prepare all kinds of ink pads, and let the guest’s “signature painting” form a painting.

Puzzle check-in: Make wedding photos or meaningful pictures into a puzzle style. Guests sign or write wishes on the back of each puzzle. After they are assembled, they will receive a lot of blessings. It is super meaningful ~

6. Morning Robe

Prepare a set of morning robe and sexy nighties for yourself and the bridesmaids, which is not only convenient for makeup, but also can be added for taking pictures when you lift it up.


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