Mariah Carey Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Mariah Carey net worth is estimated to be around $340 million.

Mariah Carey is a renowned American songwriter, singer, actress, and record producer From Huntington, New York City. Mariah has sold over 200 million records in her career time. She is one of the best-selling artists of all time.

In 1990, “Vision of Love” her first debut song from her debut and the eponymous album was no. 1 on the Billboard Charts. Since then, have had 17 more no. 1 song on the Billboard Chart more than any other artist besides the Beatles. 

Carey had her first spectacular career at the age of 28. Maria rose to fame due to her first debut album. Despite her success, she has endured some personal struggles including multiple divorces and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Fortunately, through it all, she has managed to accumulate some fortune for herself, and she does not hesitate to spend her hard earned cash on things that make her happy. In this article, we take a look at Mariah Carey net worth and career life. Read on.

Early Life

Mariah was born on 27th, March 1970 in Huntington, NY. Her mum used to be a vocal coach and opera singer at the same time. When her mum, Patricia, got married to her dad, Alfred, Her mother’s family disowned them. The mere fact disowned them that her mother got married to a black man.From a first stage age, Mariah developed some love with signs of possessing creative talent. While at school, she enjoyed music, art, and literature. That inspired her and started writing poems while adding melodies to them. As well, she enjoyed singing at a tender age.

Mariah Carey


Carey started writing her songs after she was living in Manhattan with her four close female students. At this point, she worked as an actress to pay her bills. She managed to record her demo tapes but failed terribly while trying to pass it on to record labels.After recording the demo tapes, she was introduced to pop singer Brenda Starr. As the friendship continued, Brenda was desperate to see her friend succeed. She took her demo tapes to Columbia Records, and immediately she was signed.Since signing for Columbia Records, her musical career changed and became some of the most popular of all time. Each of her mixtapes has achieved significant success.

Mariah Carey Net Worth 2021

According to the Wealthy Persons, Mariah Carey Net Worth 2021 is estimated to be $320 million.

According to the Wealthy Persons, Mariah Carey Net Worth 2020 is estimated to be $320 million.

As of 2019, Mariah Carey’s net worth is an estimated $300 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

According to Forbes, Mariah Carey net worth 2018 is $300 million. Album sales are one of the factors in her high net worth. Mariah Carey net worth 2017 according to was approximated to be $520.


In 1980, Mariah moved to New York City to pursue her career in music. She released her first debut album in 1990. In the same year, her song reached no, 1 in the Billboards Chart.

The following year in 1991, she released her second album “Emotions,” in 2002; she founded her label the “Monarc Music,” which has been a unique and successful brand.

Summing Up

Despite all the challenges that she has gone through including being diagnosed by bipolar disorder, she is still considered one of the icons in the industry.


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