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ProZD Net Worth 2024, SungWon Cho, Wiki, Age, YouTube


As of 2024, ProZD’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.1 million or more, a testament to his success across various platforms. ProZD is a popular content creator on YouTube, known for his comedic voice acting and skits.

In the realm of digital entertainment, few names are as synonymous with versatility and charm as ProZD. Born SungWon Cho on December 9, 1990, ProZD has carved a unique niche for himself as a voice actor, YouTuber, and comedian. Known for his quick wit, engaging content, and distinctive voice, ProZD has amassed a following that spans the globe.

He later transitioned to creating his content on YouTube, where he has over 3.9 million subscribers as of January 2024. His humorous skits, parodies, and commentary have attracted a loyal following, making him a prominent figure in online entertainment.

ProZD has also worked on various video game and animation projects, further contributing to his success.

ProZD Early Life and Background

SungWon Cho, better known by his online alias ProZD, was born in Minnesota, USA, to Korean immigrant parents. From a young age, ProZD showed a keen interest in acting and the world of animation. His early life was marked by a deep appreciation for video games and animated series, which later influenced his career path. ProZD pursued his passion for acting by studying theatre in college, laying the groundwork for his future in voice acting and content creation.

ProZD Career Beginnings

ProZD’s career took off on Vine, where his six-second comedy sketches and voice impressions gained a substantial following. His unique blend of humor, coupled with his voice-acting skills, made him a standout on the platform. Following Vine’s closure, ProZD seamlessly transitioned to YouTube and other social media platforms, where his content continued to thrive. His YouTube channel became a hub for a variety of content, including unboxings, Let’s Plays, and the much-loved “King Dragon” series, showcasing his storytelling prowess and voice acting talent.

ProZD Voice Acting Ventures

ProZD’s voice acting career is as diverse as it is impressive. He has lent his voice to numerous characters in video games, cartoons, and web series. His ability to bring characters to life with his voice has made him a sought-after talent in the industry. Some of his notable voice acting roles include characters in popular games like “A Hat in Time,” “Apex Legends,” and “Fire Emblem Heroes.” His versatility and range have solidified his reputation as a talented voice actor.

ProZD YouTube Success and Content Diversity

On YouTube, ProZD’s content is a testament to his multifaceted talent. His channel features a mix of video game playthroughs, skits, and voice-acting tips, appealing to a wide audience. His engaging and relatable content has garnered millions of views, contributing significantly to his net worth. ProZD’s ability to connect with his audience through humor and genuine interaction has been key to his YouTube success.

ProZD Personal Life and Relationships

ProZD is relatively private about his personal life, but it is known that he is married to Anne Marie Salter, who occasionally appears in his videos. The couple shares a mutual love for gaming and pop culture, often collaborating on content. ProZD’s family life and relationships are characterized by a strong bond and shared interests, which he occasionally shares glimpses of on social media.

ProZD‘S Current Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, ProZD’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions, a testament to his success across various platforms. His earnings come from a combination of YouTube ad revenue, voice-acting projects, and sponsorships. ProZD’s diverse income streams reflect his ability to leverage his talents in multiple aspects of the entertainment industry.

ProZD’S Current Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, ProZD’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $1.9 million.

Breakdown Of ProZD’s Income Streams, Including Revenue From YouTube, Merchandise Sales, And Sponsorships

ProZD has several sources of income, including his YouTube channel, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. Here’s a breakdown of his income streams:

  • YouTube: ProZD earns money from advertisements displayed on his videos, as well as through YouTube’s partner program. In this program, YouTube shares revenue with content creators based on the number of views and engagement their videos receive.
  • Merchandise sales: ProZD has an online store where he sells merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, and phone cases featuring his original designs and catchphrases. He also collaborates with other artists and creators to release limited-edition items.
  • Sponsorships: ProZD has partnered with several brands and companies, including Crunchyroll, audible, and Dollar Shave Club, to promote their products and services in his videos.

Discussion Of Factors That May Affect ProZD’s Net Worth In The Future

Several factors could impact ProZD’s net worth in the upcoming years. These factors include:

  • Changes in YouTube’s algorithm: YouTube’s constantly changing algorithm may affect ProZD’s visibility on the platform. Any significant changes in the algorithm could adversely impact his net worth.
  • New revenue streams: To maintain his net worth, ProZD must explore new revenue streams beyond YouTube. The creation of merchandise or collaborations with brands could increase his income.
  • Personal investments: ProZD’s investments outside of YouTube and social media could increase or decrease his net worth in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions: ProZD Net Worth

How Much is ProZD Net Worth in 2024?

As of 2024, ProZD, also known as SungWon Cho, has an estimated to be around $2.1 million. This substantial net worth is attributed to his diverse career as a voice actor, YouTuber, and comedian. His earnings stem from various sources, including YouTube ad revenue, voice acting roles in video games and animations, and brand partnerships. ProZD’s successful engagement with multiple entertainment mediums has solidified his financial standing in the digital content creation realm.

Does ProZD have a wife?

Yes, ProZD is married to Anne Marie Salter, who is occasionally featured in his content. The couple shares a deep bond over their mutual interests, particularly in gaming and pop culture. Their relationship is often highlighted through collaborative efforts in ProZD’s videos and social media posts, giving fans a glimpse into their shared life and interests.

Where was SungWon Cho born?

SungWon Cho, widely recognized by his online pseudonym ProZD, was born in Minnesota, United States. Growing up in a Korean immigrant family, he was exposed to a rich blend of cultures from an early age. This diverse cultural background has influenced his content, making it relatable to a broad audience. His American upbringing combined with his Korean heritage has provided him with a unique perspective that he often infuses into his work.


As of 2024, ProZD, also known as SungWon Cho, has an estimated to be around $2.1 million. ProZD, or SungWon Cho, represents a new breed of entertainer who has harnessed the power of the internet to build a successful and diverse career. From his early days on Vine to his current status as a beloved content creator and voice actor, ProZD has shown that with talent, hard work, and a unique voice, it’s possible to carve out a niche in the competitive world of digital entertainment. As we look to the future, ProZD’s journey continues to inspire, entertain, and resonate with audiences around the world, solidifying his place in the digital entertainment landscape.