What Is The Car In Xiidra Commercial?

The Xiidra commercial features a woman driving a car and singing the praises of the eye drop medication. She talks about how the medication has helped her vision and how it has improved her life. The commercial does not specifically state what kind of car she is driving, but it is a white sedan.

What’s Driving Ken Jeong Crazy?

The car in the Xiidra commercial is a Tesla Model S. This car is a luxurious electric car that is made by Tesla Motors. The Tesla Model S is one of the most popular electric cars on the market and it is known for its sleek design and amazing performance. The Tesla Model S is a great car for anyone who wants to own an electric car and it is definitely the car of the future.

What is the red convertible in xiidra commercial

The red convertible in the xiidra commercial is a symbol of freedom. It represents the open road and the possibilities that lie ahead. For people with dry eye disease, the red convertible represents the hope of finding relief from their symptoms.

What Is The Car In Xiidra Commercial?

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What car is in the Dry Eye commercial?

The commercial in question is for a medication called Xiidra, which is used to treat dry eye. The car in the commercial is a Audi A8.

Who is the woman in the Xiidra commercial?

The woman in the Xiidra commercial is actress Allison Tolman. Tolman is best known for her role in the FX series Fargo, for which she received critical acclaim. She has also appeared in the films Krampus and Poltergeist.

Who does the voice of inflammation in the Xiidra commercial?

The voice of inflammation in the Xiidra commercial is actor Kevin Spacey.


The Car in Xiidra Commercial is a new, innovative way to get people to take their medication. It is a car that drives itself and has a built in dispenser that gives the person their dose of Xiidra. This is a great way to make sure that people take their medication, as it is easy and convenient.

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