Who Is Emma Roberts Parents?

Emma Roberts’ parents are Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. Emma Roberts, an American actress and singer, is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham.

The Background Of Emma Roberts’ Family

Emma Roberts, a talented actress, comes from a prominent Hollywood family. Her parents are Eric Roberts, an acclaimed actor, and Kelly Cunningham, a former casting director. With such a background, it’s no surprise that Emma has found success in the entertainment industry.

Emma Roberts, a popular actress known for her roles in films like “We’re the Millers” and “Scream Queens,” comes from a talented showbiz family. Understanding the background of Emma Roberts’ family gives us insight into her upbringing and the influence it has had on her successful career.

Early Life And Upbringing Of Emma Roberts:

  • Emma Roberts was born on February 10, 1991, in Rhinebeck, New York.
  • She is the daughter of Eric Roberts, a renowned actor, and Kelly Cunningham, who worked as a casting director.
  • Growing up, Emma Roberts had exposure to the entertainment industry through her family connections.
  • She spent her early years in New York City and often visited her aunt, Julia Roberts, who is also a well-known actress.
  • Emma Roberts attended the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles, where she explored her passion for acting.

The Influence Of Family On Emma’S Career:

  • Emma Roberts’ family played a significant role in shaping her career.
  • Her father, Eric Roberts, introduced her to the world of acting at a young age.
  • Emma’s aunt, Julia Roberts, inspired her with her successful acting career.
  • She credits her family’s support and guidance for nurturing her passion for acting.
  • Emma Roberts’ family connections also opened doors for her in the entertainment industry, providing her with early opportunities to showcase her talent.

Now that we have explored the early life and upbringing of Emma Roberts, as well as the influence of her family on her career, we can better appreciate the background that has contributed to her success in Hollywood. Her family’s involvement in the entertainment industry, combined with her own talent and hard work, has propelled Emma Roberts to become a respected actress with a promising future.

Who Is Emma Roberts Parents?

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Meet Emma Roberts’ Mother: A Talented Actress

Emma Roberts, a successful actress, comes from a talented lineage. Her mother, also an actress, is a prominent figure in the industry. Learn more about Emma Roberts’ parents and their contributions to the world of entertainment.

Emma Roberts is a renowned actress who comes from a family with a deep-rooted connection to the entertainment industry. Her mother, Kelly Cunningham, is also an accomplished actress. In this section, we’ll dive into Kelly’s background, career, and achievements.

Introducing Emma’S Mother, Kelly Cunningham

Kelly Cunningham, Emma Roberts’ mother, has made her own mark in the acting industry. She has worked diligently to earn recognition and has managed to build a notable career in her own right. Let’s explore some highlights of Kelly’s journey:

Kelly Cunningham’S Career And Accomplishments

  • Stage and Television Presence: Kelly has displayed her artistic talents in both stage and television productions, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. She has showcased her skills through her memorable performances, captivating viewers with her talent.
  • Versatile Roles: Throughout her career, Kelly has embraced a diverse range of roles, exhibiting her versatility and ability to bring characters to life. From compelling dramas to lighthearted comedies, she has proven her adaptability as an actress.
  • Notable Projects: Kelly has appeared in various well-known TV shows, including some that have gained a significant following. These appearances have allowed her to leave a mark on popular culture and further establish her presence in the industry.
  • Dedication to Craft: Kelly’s commitment to her craft is undeniable. She approaches each role with professionalism and passion, consistently delivering performances that engage and captivate audiences.
  • Influential Figure: Kelly’s achievements in the acting world have made her an influential figure in the industry. Her work has inspired aspiring actors and actresses, leaving a lasting impact on the next generation.

Kelly Cunningham’s journey as an actress has contributed to her daughter Emma Roberts’ passion for the art form. The talent and dedication that Kelly has exhibited throughout her career have undoubtedly fueled Emma’s own drive to excel in the industry.

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Emma Roberts’ Father: An Esteemed Actor In Hollywood

Emma Roberts’ father is an esteemed actor in Hollywood, known for his exceptional talent and contributions to the film industry. As a prominent figure in the entertainment world, he has left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Emma Roberts is a renowned actress who comes from a family deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry. In this blog post, we will be exploring the life and career of her father, Eric Roberts, who is an esteemed actor in Hollywood.

Read on to discover more about Emma’s talented father.

Discovering Emma’S Father, Eric Roberts

  • Eric Roberts is a highly regarded actor who has made a name for himself in the competitive world of Hollywood.
  • He was born on April 18, 1956, in Biloxi, Mississippi, and grew up in a creative household, as both of his parents were actors as well.
  • Roberts’ innate talent for acting was evident from a young age, and he made his film debut in the 1978 movie “King of the Gypsies.”
  • Throughout his career, Eric Roberts has portrayed a wide range of characters, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Eric Roberts’ Acting Career And Stardom

  • Eric Roberts’ acting career spans over four decades, filled with remarkable performances in both film and television.
  • He has appeared in a myriad of movies, including “Runaway Train,” where he garnered critical acclaim for his role and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.
  • Roberts has also made notable contributions to television, featuring in popular series such as “The Dark Knight” and “The Expendables.”
  • His exceptional talent, combined with his dedication to his craft, has resulted in a prolific acting career and the admiration of audiences worldwide.

Emma Roberts is fortunate to have inherited her acting skills from her father, Eric Roberts, a celebrated actor in the entertainment industry. With his influential presence and unmistakable talent, it is no wonder that Emma has achieved great success in her own right.

Together, this father-daughter duo has captivated audiences and inspired aspiring actors around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions For Who Is Emma Roberts Parents?

Who Is Emma Roberts Biological Mother?

Emma Roberts biological mother is Kelly Cunningham.

Is Emma Roberts Biologically Related To Julia Roberts?

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts share a biological relationship as they are aunt and niece.

How Is Emma Roberts Related To Johnny Depp?

Emma Roberts is not related to Johnny Depp. They are not family members.

Does Emma Roberts Have A Mom?

Yes, Emma Roberts has a mother. Her name is Kelly Cunningham.


Emma Roberts, the talented actress known for her roles in various films and TV shows, comes from a family with a rich Hollywood legacy. Her parents are Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham, both of whom have made names for themselves in the entertainment industry.

Eric Roberts is a well-respected actor and has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, earning critical acclaim throughout his career. Kelly Cunningham, on the other hand, worked behind the scenes as a casting director. Emma Roberts has undoubtedly inherited their talent and passion for acting, as she has proven herself to be a versatile and accomplished actress in her own right.

With her family’s support and guidance, Emma Roberts continues to make her mark in the world of entertainment, and her future looks incredibly promising. Asdfsdf