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55 Inch Vs 65 Inch LED TV: Which One You Should Get for a Room?

55 inch Vs 65 Inch LED TV

Are you on the fence regarding whether to settle for the best 55-inch TVs or their 65-inch counterparts? If you are nodding, this article will help you make the decision.

The size of the screen is one of the things you should consider when buying a TV. There are high chances that you understand the importance of all those factors, especially the screen size.

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That is why you can’t stop scratching your head, thinking about whether to go for the best 55-inch TVs or to test the 65-inch ones. It is understandable because the difference in terms of screen size and general watching experience isn’t that big.

As a matter of fact, the two options fall under the big-screen TVs categories. However, it is also wrong to assume that they are different. Fortunately, this article will help you decide, among the best 55-inch TVs and 65-inch TVs, which one you should get for a room.

Best 55-inch TVs Vs 65 Inch LED TV

Before you decide on the one to settle for, let’s draw a parallel line between the two.

1. Size

Just as the names suggest, their screen sizes are 55 inches and 65 inches, respectively. Nevertheless, the 55-inch TVs measure 48.5 inches by 28 inches for the width and height, respectively. The 65-inch ones have dimensions of 55 inches W x 33 inches H.

That is the average dimensions, although it differs from none model to another due to the various sizes of bezels and aspect ratios. If you can’t understand why that is the case, you should keep in mind that the screen size of a TV is measured diagonally. So, the exact difference in size is around 7 inches wider and 5 inches taller.

2. Viewing Distance

When using 55-inch TVs for 1080p, the viewing distance should range from 6.9 feet to 11.5 feet. On the other hand, 65-inch TVs require a viewing distance between 8.5 inches and 13.5 feet. If it 4k, the viewing distance is 4.6 to 6.9 feet and 5.4 to 8.1 feet for 55” and 65” in that order.

3. Cost

When it comes to the price tags, the amount depends on the manufacture. For instance, you may find a 55” of one model costing more than a 65” of another. However, it is hard to find a 65” that is cheaper than a 55” of the same model.

Interestingly, best 55-inch TVs and the 65-inch ones also have their similarities. First of all, they are classified among the big screens. Therefore, they can handle big families or friends watching something together. Both of them are also relatively expensive compared to the small ones. Consequently, they will occupy quite a huge space.

So, which one should you get for a room?

The fact that they are different means that they are places where the best 55-inch TVs will suit better than the 65-inch TVs and vice versa. So, what points can help you break the deadlock?

The first one is the type of room. If it is a general one, the 55” is perfect. However, if you have a room dedicated to media and entertainment, then you better go for 65”.

You should also consider the viewing distance. How much space exists between the couch or where you view the TV from and where it is. If it is more than 7 feet, go for 65”. Otherwise, 55” is the best choice.

Ensure that you don’t overlook the size of the room. If you happen to have enough space for the 65”, well and good. However, don’t go for it if the available space can only fit 55-inch. After all, the inconvenience that the situation will bring is not worth it.

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Another one of them is resolution. Since the difference in size is, to some extent small, it is better to go for the one that has a higher resolution. It is what determines how clear and visible the images are as well as how fine their details are. 1080p is better than 720p regardless of whether it is the 65-inch or the 55-inch.

Final Words

With the information above, it will be easy to make the right decision. After all, you already know the differences between the two. You are also aware of where the best 55-inch TVs will work better and where it will be best if you go for the 65-inch TVs.

We hope that the 55-inch TVs vs 65-inch LED TVs tag of war is now over. Consider all the discussed issues before making a decision of which one to get for your room.

Don’t only focus on the size as well. Think about the resolution, the type and size of the room and the viewing distance among others.

In the end, the only thing that matters is that you have the best viewing experience when watching your TV show, football match and other sports’ games, among others.

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