Can You Rent A Car With An Ignition Interlock License?

You may think that having an ignition interlock device installed in your car makes driving safer, but that’s not necessarily true. There are some things you should know before renting a vehicle with an ignition interlock device.

Here’s a list of steps to follow when considering renting a vehicle with an interlock device:

Know What Type of Device Is Installed

An ignition interlock device is required for all drivers convicted of DUI offenses. These devices prevent the driver from starting the engine until they blow into the breathalyzer. They also require the driver to breathe into the machine every 15 minutes during operation.

Understand How the Device Works

Ignition interlocks are used to deter drunk driving. When the driver blows into the device, the system determines if the driver’s blood alcohol content is above 0.08 percent. If so, the device prevents the driver from starting the car.

Consider Other Factors Before Renting a Vehicle

Before renting a vehicle with an ignititon interlock device, make sure you understand how the device works and its limitations. For instance, the device only prevents the driver from starting a vehicle; it doesn’t stop the vehicle from moving forward. Also, the device does not detect drugs or illegal substances.

Ask About Insurance Coverage

Ask rental agencies about insurance coverage for vehicles equipped with ignition interlock devices. Many policies cover these devices, but others do not.

Check Out Potential Rental Agencies

Renters should consider several different factors when choosing a rental agency. Here are some questions to ask:
• Does the company provide 24/7 roadside assistance?
• Do they offer additional discounts for senior citizens, military members, and AAA members?
• Are they licensed and insured?
• Will the company accept personal injury protection (PIP)?

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