How To Set A Goal And Implement It: 3 Thoughtful Steps

Do you want to easily achieve all your goals? Unfortunately, statistics show that only 48% of Americans set goals, and their achievements can boast of no more than 8%. This is a similar ratio of those who set goals and achieve them in Europe. So, if you, like most people in the world, cannot achieve what you want on your own – this is an occasion to turn to a professional coach.

In America, coaching is taken for granted, but even in spite of this, 24% of people suffer a fiasco. Why is it difficult to set goals, and even more so, to achieve them? Polish coach Anastasiia Dashynska says that for many people, even the process of setting goals is a problem.

If you do not take into account the standard reasons, such as the inability to take responsibility for your life or simply not adopting a serious attitude, we are stopped by internal restrictions, fears or the inability to set goals correctly. It is not for nothing that the desire to set a goal is one of the most frequent coaching requests.

“If there is no goal, a person feels that they are wasting time and living by inertia, but they can’t stop it” says Anastasiia. Therefore, she created a thematic coaching session for her clients- “Hit the bull’s-eye”, which is almost guaranteed to solve the problems of goal setting. “This project is unusual even for Europe, as our clients are used to coming to the coach with any requests.

In the process, the request may change, the person may get carried away with another idea, forgetting why they came. I decided to try to avoid confusion by creating a thematic session consisting of 3 modules.” It turned out that this work is more than targeted and helps to go from choosing a goal to its implementation. How does it work?

 But any talk about “miracle techniques” will seem like fiction until you check it out yourself. Therefore, the coach offers all new clients to evaluate the effectiveness in person – any trial session costs less than $20 and is available online from anywhere in the world.

The first module is related to setting a goal – this is, in fact, what usually starts everything. Coach says that quite often people in the media do not realize what they want to strive for and try to set a goal based on it being “necessary”. 

Such goals do not inspire the person in any way, so they are simply thrown away.”I am convinced that the goal needs to inspire. This means that they should be based on a desire, not a need – without this, it is almost impossible to force yourself to perform complex tasks.

Therefore, this session is aimed at finding a motivator. And to determine them, it is necessary to comprehensively review all areas of life and find not only obvious desires, but also those that a person suppresses,” says Anastasiia Dashynska. Yet dreams and desires are only the beginning.

During the session, the coach and the client find the first steps to the goal, and then the person needs to make them independently. The main result after such a conversation is that the client ceases to spread their forces on what is not necessary and gets a more or less clear vision of the picture, that is, can focus on the main thing.

The next module is a step-by-step goal. The client already has an idea of what he wants to achieve and is doing something in this direction, but there are a lot of hidden obstacles waiting for him on the way – it is impossible to take everything into account in advance. According to Anastasiia Dashynska, many stop because they are afraid of the unknown.

Therefore, if you clearly and in detail prescribe the steps to achieve the goal and try to simulate all sorts of situations, this significantly reduces the level of anxiety due to the unknown and psychologically brings the goal closer.

This could be the end of it, but no matter how detailed you calculate the expected result, many things can change: circumstances, situation, and even the person’s attitude to the goal. “Sometimes it happens that after going half the way or almost reaching the desired goal, a person suddenly realizes that he has “outgrown” the goal and does not want to strive for what was previously so exciting.

For this you need a third module dedicated to the correction target. In some cases, it is necessary to review the goal itself, in others-the actions that lead to it.  In this case, it is enough to make small adjustments and make a new action plan.

This is what complex work looks like to achieve what is significant for a person. It is obvious that behind each achievement there is a lot of work that can be done independently through trial and error, or you can do it together with a coach who will help you make changes in time and not lose motivation. In the end, the winners are those who know how to set goals and achieve them.

Practice shows that such “modular” sessions are very effective – Anastasiia conducts them online for clients from Europe. Now it offers “Hit the bull’s-eye” ( sessions for English-speaking audiences as well.

Another feature of these sessions of the Polish coach is that they are held not in the form of a conversation, but in correspondence.

And this is necessary because during writing, the human brain structures information and selects the key information, which further facilitates the process of actions to achieve the goal. In addition, this session lasts up to 2 hours, so that the client has time to think and structure everything, which also increases efficiency.


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