What You Should Know Before Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

There are lots of reasons why you’d intend to get a COVID-19 test today. With demand for testing at an all-time high, taking a few minutes to plan in advance need to make your experience go a lot more smoothly.

If you are out and also around in the community, we advise that you get regular testing once a month or quicker if somebody you’ve been around tests favorable or if you establish symptoms.

Additionally, DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control) suggests routine testing of individuals with recognized exposures or concerns about direct exposures. Regular COVID test enables public health workers to diagnose asymptomatic patients and disturb the recurring spread of the virus.

Should I Get Tested For COVID-19?

Your health care supplier can best recommend you about the need to be tested for novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Public health authorities are trying to contain the virus through early identification and isolation of contaminated people and get in touch with mapping to alert individuals who may have been revealed before they possibly expose others.

All of this begins with rapid and precise testing of people that may be contaminated with the novel coronavirus. Those having signs and symptoms of COVID-19 must divide from others and get examined as soon as possible.

DHEC recommends that individuals without signs of COVID-19 obtain examined if they had close contact with somebody who is ill with COVID-19.

DHEC additionally advises testing a minimum of once every month for individuals without signs and symptoms of COVID-19 who are regularly out in the community.

Why Is Getting Tested Important?

While many individuals with COVID-19 have moderate or no signs, it is still feasible that they could be contaminated and pass the disease to buddies, family, and enjoyed ones.

Others don’t recognize that they’ve been in close contact (within 6 feet of a contaminated person for at the very least 15 minutes) with somebody with validated COVID-19.

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