Key Difference Between Moissanite and Diamond

Diamonds often obtain compared to other gems as well as minerals. Most of the time, it’s easy to see which stone is the real offer. Yet while diamonds are constantly the gemstone of selection, moissanite lately ended up being quite the contender.

It is much more difficult to identify the distinction in between moissanite as well as diamond than, as an example, quartz ad diamond. Yet are moissanites truly all they seem? Can they satisfy the large brilliance of a diamond?

Keep reviewing to learn the key difference between Moissanite and Diamond as below:

​What is Moissanite?

In 1893, a French scientist called Henri Moissan discovered the very first Moissanite in a crater that was from a fallen meteor. Made from silicon carbide, they were incredibly uncommon at that time. However, they are now created in laboratories.

So they are not as special as they once were. It is still feasible to locate a Moissanite stone that originates from a meteorite. But the opportunities are slim. Real ones, therefore, set you back a pretty penny.

Here is the guide where you know more details about the difference between moissanite and diamond.

Difference Between Moissanite and Diamond


Mined Diamonds are available in a selection of shades varying from icy-white clear to yellow or gray shades. Like snows, no two extracted Diamonds will certainly coincide.

A mined gems’s range of shade variant results from ecological aspects the gemstone was normally growing in. The more clear or white a Diamond shows up, the more valuable and desirable it is taken into consideration to customers.

Moissanite on the other hand, originates from room meteorites and also is not a gem you normally locate in the world. Due to this fact, all Moissanite treasures are lab-created due to the fact that sourcing its natural type is almost difficult in nature.

Since brand-new Moissanites are grown in laboratories, the atmosphere the gems grow in can be managed and regulated for more the most regular as well as ideal production results.


The tougher a material, the more difficult it is to damage or chip. While no gemstone is indestructible, some gemstones are a little more difficult and extra resilient for everyday wear. On the Mohs Range of Solidity, Moissanite is rated as a 9.5 out of 10, which is more than any type of gems used in fashion jewelry besides Diamond itself.

Diamonds are the hardest known mineral, ratings a 10. For referral, diamonds, as well as sapphires, have an Mohs rating of 9, as well as emerald greens have a rating of 7.


Brilliance, which refers to the gems’s ability to mirror white light, is a good measure for how much ‘shimmer and fire’ a gem has. Brilliance relies upon the gemstone’s refraction. Moissanite distributes light very well as well as has greater light refraction than Diamond and will show up more fantastic.

In addition, Moissanite is less most likely to attract grease or dirt in time than a Diamond as a result of its crystalline framework which should assist maintain the ‘glimmer’ longer in between cleanings.


Overall, Moissanite is a fraction of the high expense of a Diamond, and this results from supple and also demand because Diamonds are still fairly prominent in the US for interaction rings.

While Diamond’s cost differs based on cut, clarity, carat weight, as well as various other specific qualities, Moissanite rocks are normally the exact same rate and also differs incrementally with the shapes and size of the stone.


From a rational point of view, Moissanite and Diamond have nearly the same aesthetic features. Both gemstones are clear as well as are two of the hardest gems recognized to guy. Both exhibit incredible elegance will certainly last a lifetime and are exceptional alternatives for day-to-day wear.

At the end of the day, Moissanites is a sensible as well as an equivalently stunning icon of love for those not wanting to buy a Diamond as a result of honest, ecological, or price issues.


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