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5 Effective Ways to Boost the Brainpower of Your Baby – Expert Guide

When a kid grows, the brain cells also increase and form new neural connections. At that point, it is your responsibility as a parent to engage your kid in such activities that can be helpful to improve brain neural wiring and, ultimately, the brainpower of your baby.

However, it is easier for a baby to learn new things like new languages, reasoning, and activities for toddlers. Moreover, as parents engage their baby in new and engaging activities, the wiring of the brain’s neural connections also improves.


Any effort to improve the brainpower of your baby will help to develop new language and other reasoning skills easily. Following are some useful, effective ways that will help to significantly improve the brain development of your baby and prepare them for new learning experiences in the future.


Your baby’s brain development starts before birth. For a better future for your baby, you should intake healthy food and nutrients helpful for brain development during pregnancy. Zinc is a well-known nutrient for brain nourishment. Moreover, try to consume zinc-rich food for the brain empowerment of your baby.

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During pregnancy, you should stay away from food or other substances that can be harmful to your baby’s development. It includes the use of some drugs that can put the development of your baby at risk, even in the uterus. Smoking by pregnant mothers is also proved to be a reason for poor brain performance in kids.


As a parent, you can develop book reading passion in your kids by buying attractive, bright, and colorful picture books for them. While reading or playing with your baby, try to do things that correspond with those things and pictures that are mentioned in the book.

Another way to develop book love in your children is to read books or stories for your child. This activity doesn’t only help your child to develop vocabulary and learn new words but also develops an emotional bond with them. However, remember to adjust your tone by nursing mothers and according to the story as you read books for your baby.


As your baby starts speaking or when you talk with them, try to support whatever you speak with signs and hand movements for better understanding. It may include the use of language signs or hand and finger movements. However, it will play an important role in improving intelligence and language development.

FACT # 1: A research conducted by the University of California reveals that those children who learn at least 20 language signs and can understand them to tend to speak earlier than other children who do not learn.

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Studies show that the use of language signs when you talk to your baby also helps to improve the IQ level of your baby. The use of sign language has a positive and efficient impact on language development and improving the intelligence level of your baby.


Toys can also play an important role in developing the brainpower of your baby. When looking for a toy for your baby, try to choose those toys that allow your baby to interact and explore things in their surroundings. However, toys such as Legos, stackable blocks, puzzles, animal logic, etc., can help learn new things.

However, toys like Legos, stackable blocks and animal reasoning improve the reasoning power of your baby. If the baby stacks or joins them incorrectly, they will not be stable and fall. Next time they will stack them successfully and learn what mistake they were making.


Breastfed is a gift from nature for babies. The babies that are fed on breastfeed instead of formula feeding have improved intelligence than others. Moreover, it is good for your child’s brain empowerment and development to breastfeed until he or she becomes one or two years old.

Fact # 2: Research studies reveal that the longer a baby gets breastfeed, the smarter it will become and has improved brain development and intelligence than other babies.

No doubt all parents always want the betterment of their children and work hard for it. However, besides working on their brain development and improving intelligence, planning about their future is also important. You should also start saving from now for your future education and other plans.

Why is Boosting Brain Power of Your Baby Important?

Upon entering the world, your child’s cerebrum contains 100 billion neurons. During his first years, he will grow trillions of synapse associations, called neural neurotransmitters.

However, the standard for cerebrum wiring is “use it or lose it.” Synapses that are not “wired together” through incitement are pruned and lost during a youngster’s school years.

Though a baby’s cerebrum has some hard neurological wiring (like the capacity to get familiar with any language), it is more malleable and more defenseless than a grown-up’s mind. Furthermore, little child’s wanted to make fitness a real pleasure. So that needs to take twice as many neural associations as a grown-up.

At the point when you give cherishing and advanced motivations for your child, you are giving his cerebrum’s neural associations. These pathways bring more opportunities to become wired together. Thus, he will obtain valuable language, thinking, and arranging abilities.

Building and keeping a solid mind starts with a dietary stage. However, there’s a great deal more to the interaction than simply filling your kid’s cerebrum with food. As self-teaching mothers, there are a few things you can do to help your kids’ mental aptitude for the duration of the day.

Final Verdict:

More interaction with your baby is the key factor in their brain development. Moreover, Rebecca Parlakian is the senior director of ZERO to THREE’s; she says that ” the real value to spending playtime with your kid is that it helps them to be master in developing a strong bond with their parents which is one of the most important tasks of their early age.

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