Football Fan Tokens: A Way to Form an Exclusive Fan Community

Do you love sports? Do you call yourself a sports freak? What is your favorite sport? And do you love to play sports or do you like to watch them? These are some of the basic questions which are asked to sports enthusiasts. So, today we are not discussing these basic sports questions. Rather this article will be of special significance for sports freaks.

In this article, we are going to discuss football fan tokens. What are they? What is their importance? Do you like them or not? What is the general reaction of the people who love sports? These are things which we are going to discuss here. As you would love to know about how stock insurance works; similarly, you would also love to know about football fan tokens. If you are interested in them then you are at the right place.

What are football fan tokens?

Football fan tokens are very famous among soccer lovers, but still, there is not much information available about it. Football fan tokens are actually a type of cryptocurrency, and having this currency gives you permission to get access to various fan-related memberships along with many perks. Some of the examples of these perks are:

  • Right to vote on club decisions
  • Amazing rewards
  • Enjoying unique experiences
  • Designing a merchandise
Football fan tokens versus NFTs
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Moreover, they can also be utilized by music fan clubs, other types of sports clubs and various other organizations. This system has many benefits such as:

  • To establish club leadership
  • To organize experiences
  • To democratize the club

Football fan tokens versus NFTs

There is a common misunderstanding that people usually confused football fan tokens with NFTs. in reality, these are two different things. Fan tokens are totally interchangeable while NFTs are not. Fan tokens can be exchanged like cash, and people exchange them for sports club merchandise, VIP adventures and much more.

Additionally, these football fan tokens create a sense of unity and fandom!

Importance of football fan tokens

Unlike Ethereum or Bitcoin, these cryptocurrencies do not need to be supported by the principles of the former two. On the flip side, the worth and importance of football fan tokens depend on the fact that how much the fans value being a part of the group or club, and how much they like the benefits provided to them by being a member of that club.

How to buy or sell fan token

This process is fully automated and very easy to comprehend. Football fans can buy the digital tokens, and then cancel them like any other cryptocurrency. The seller is the person who can set the price of the token. Moreover, they can become negotiable according to the worth of the football club and market value.

Perks of having football fan tokens

Once a football fan buys a specific amount of token then that fan will be provided with the right to vote and share his/her two cents on important matters about their favorite football stars crypto club. Fans have the right to vote on various important matters. Some of the common and basic matters on which fans can vote are listed below:

  • Match locations are one of the basic rights of the fan
  • They can vote on club’s merch design
  • They have a right to vote on tour bus designs
  • Fans can also share their advices on ticketing matters
  • Finally, MVP categories

These and many other perks make a fan more valued by the club than before. This way fans and the club are working side by side. In addition to this, fans also increase the worth of the club, and they consider themselves proud and prestigious members of the club they support. In this way, a friend is created who works for the betterment of a mutual cause.

Perks of having football fan tokens
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Besides, football fan tokens establish an exclusive community for the football freaks where these fans can take part in important decisions, voting, and get rewards. The more tokens you have the more valued members you will become.

Responses of the fans on fan tokens

As we already know that an increasing number of clubs are introducing digital coins. These coins (fan tokens or cryptocurrencies) will permit them to participate in some of the decisions made by the football club.

This practice has two types of reactions among the supporters of the football clubs. Some people are way too happy while other people are disappointed regarding the football fan tokens.

Followers of the football fan tokens

The choice of loving the new currency system is totally subjective. Those who are getting crazy about the football fan tokens say that they want to avail all the perks that tokens would provide to them. Moreover, they think that being a football freak they know so much about the details and they would love to give their advice about their favorite game and club. They believe that this is the ultimate right of the fandom. These fans are so crazy and they would love to play a specific song when the club hits a score, or what image should be used on social media. Crazy fans are so enjoying this system as this way they share a sense of belongingness to the club.

Followers of the football fan tokens
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Opposition of the football fan tokens

On the flip side, people believe that this is the new way of earning revenues. Especially during the pandemic, clubs are running short on finances, and they want to earn. So, some people think that the perks they are giving should be given to true fans without any fan tokens. According to the opposing group, this is merely a way to earn more by just giving superficial participation to the fans.

Final verdict

According to our research, football fan tokens are a new way to digitize sports. Furthermore, it is the best way to allow the fans selective (more specifically loyal) fans to join the club. Hence, we can say that it is more like a screening process. Those who are willing to go through this process will enjoy the services provided by their favorite club. Finally, it is an amazing and smart way to form an automated and exclusive fan club.

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