Wholesale Dress Models

Ferventeshop, which is one of the leading brands in wholesale women’s clothing in Turkey, offers countless stylish dress models for your store. Wholesale dresses are produced with quality fabric that stands out for its unique designs.

Ferventeshop offers a wide range of products, some are engagement-wedding dresses, party dresses, casual dress models, printed chiffon dresses which are for every style. Maxi, midi or mini-sized dresses increase your alternatives.

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You can rouse up your own store with wholesale dresses from Turkey where almost in every color is used from black to white. Black dresses that offer a noble look, white dresses that represent the elegance, powder-colored dress models that emphasize your pure style, red color dress models for the woman who likes to look assertive, are waiting for you with a wide range of body size options.

Different-colored dress models such as blue, green, silver, pink, and purple extend your customers ‘ preferences. In Ferventeshop you can find wholesale clothing as well as stylish overalls and trouser models.

Stylish Desings One From The Other

You can choose from the Ferventeshop’s sequin , crape, tulle, or lace-detailed, bling-bling, satin, and embroidered wholesale dress models for your customers and store. Models with sequin cloth and embroidered dresses offer gorgeous looks in every event.

Dresses used in crepe or satin fabric combine simplicity with elegance. Chiffon dress designs that never go out of fashion, velvet dresses that make up an elegant look, knitted dress varieties are also among the models you can offer to your customers in your store.

The brand promises elegance with long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, single sleeve, or strapless dress models in every environment. Single sleeve and strapless dress models are often used as evening dresses.

The dresses, which are designed in different sizes and adapt to casual environments and use soft fabrics such as satin, crape, and velvet, preferred by ladies who don’t compromise their comfort.

Wholesale Dress Prices

Ferventeshop offers wholesale opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to open a new store. The brand also provides many opportunities for those in search of clothes for its current store. You can complete your physical or online store with stylish dresses and increase your sales.

You can order online wholesale clothing products from home or abroad and add new stylish dress models to your clothing store. You can easily reach Ferventeshop from all over the world and buy the most suitable dress models for your customers. Advantageous wholesale dress prices await you in Ferventeshop!

Ferventeshop steps forward among the wholesale clothing websites with stylish and exclusive wholesale clothing designs. The brand offers domestic and international sales options and reaching all over the world and supports you to earn more customers in your clothing store with its clothing collection.

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Ferventeshop provides numerous options for entrepreneurs who want to open new stores. You can also have the most stylish dress models for your customers at affordable prices. By using Ferventeshop’s “buy wholesale clothing” opportunities, you can increase product diversity and increase your sales turnover in your physical or online store.


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