Bull and Bear Sculpture- All You Need to Know

Bull and bear sculptures have, for a long time been the main wall street gifts, awards, and are used greatly as an iconic symbol of the stock market. Today, bull and bear are international terms used in the stock market.

Read on to know about the origin of the name in the stock market, and all you need to know about bulls and bears sculptures.

The association of bulls and bears dates back in the 16th century. One of England’s popular entertainment was known as baiting of bulls and bears. It involved putting a bear and a bull in a pit and allowing dogs to go loose on them and wait to see which of the animal survived.

Later in the 19th century, a renowned cartoonist Thomas Nast propagated the image of bulls and bears in the US stock market.


In the stock market, a bull is an aggressive beast with big horns. In walls street, it is usually a massive bull sculpture, also known as a charging bull. If the end horns of a bull face upwards, this is known as a bull market, which means that the market is rising aggressively.

On the other hand, a bear attacks a bull using its teeth. A bear sculpture with an open mouth and teeth showing is considered a very fearsome bear. Since bears tend to attack in a downward motion, a bear market symbolizes that prices of the stock market are falling. Also, bears are sluggish, which means that the decline in the stock market can be slow.

Therefore, bears represent that the stock market is going down while bulls represent that the market is rising.

Bulls and bear sculptures are exceptional gifts for financial advisers, investors, clients, or anybody else interested in the finance industry. They symbolize the spirit of wall street and the urge to push markets higher or lower.

You can never go wrong with these types of gifts that are traditional symbols of the stock market. The best sculpture has a bear positioned coming down on a bull and a bull rising its horns on to the bear upwards.

There are also many different poses designs of the bull and bear sculpture, all showing their attempt to win the fight.

Bulls and bear sculptures come in a variety of designs and styles and sizes. Whether you want to buy them to make an audacious statement in your home or office, you can get them. If you have an award ceremony, you can get customized bull and bear sculptures that suits your needs.


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