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Is It Possible To Print Your Own Wedding Invitations?

Is It Possible To Print Your Own Wedding Invitation

If you’re a bride-to-be looking for information on printing your wedding invitations, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover several options to help you design and print wedding invitations. These options include using Vistaprint or Zazzle.

Designing Your Wedding Invitations

If you plan to have your wedding, you should consider designing your wedding invites. Fortunately, there are many options available for you. You can customize the design and style of the invitation, choose a specific paper and add handmade embellishments.

First, decide on the style you want. This includes the type of paper you want, the font and the colour. Depending on your wedding theme, you may opt for a modern or classic style. Next, think about the size. You should be able to get a card that’s between 3.5 by 5 inches and 4.25 by 6 inches.

Is It Possible To Print Your Own Wedding Invitations

Choosing the Text Alignment

Choosing the proper text alignment is a vital part of the printing process. The correct font size, line spacing, and colour can make a difference between a good invitation and a great one. While the best options aren’t always cheap, you can use a few tips and tricks to make the process easier on your wallet.

One of the more fun aspects of the process is choosing a colour scheme for your invitations. A good colour scheme can help to create a cohesive look across the entire package. You can choose from a selection of colours or a single bold colour.

Spacing Between Lines

Spacing between lines in wedding invitations is a vital finishing detail. Depending on the invitation’s design, the lines’ spacing can be varied to make the text easier to read.

An odd number of lines can create a beautiful effect on the overall design. However, an even number of lines can also give a design a balanced look. If the number of lines is not even, the spacing between the lines can be reduced. Traditionally, wedding invitations feature a centre alignment. This means the date and day of the week are printed on one line and the year and month on the next. The reception date is usually on a separate line.

Paper Sashes

If you’re looking to give your wedding save the date invitations a touch of colour, paper sashes are a perfect way to add flair. These embellishments can be made from lace, ribbon, or art paper. They can be removable or permanent and used around the envelope or enclosure.

There are many different styles and designs available for paper sashes. Some of the most popular include Ribbon. You can tie a bow or tie the ends in square knots. The most common ribbon is satin. Other options include organza, vellum, and recycled paper.


Printed wedding invitations aren’t as expensive as you might think. They’re also much more convenient. You won’t have to wait to get them in the mail, and they can be customized to fit your style.

Zazzle is an excellent choice for wedding invitations because they have hundreds of designs. It’s also easy to find a designer to create something for you. Zazzle offers a variety of high-quality digital printing options. Some products include save the Date, wedding cards, invitations, photo booths, and personalized cake toppers.


If you are planning to get married, you must choose a quality wedding invitation. This should include details that are informative and readable. A wedding invitation should also feature cultural symbols. Vistaprint offers wedding templates and a wide range of designs to choose from. Their customer care department can help you with any question or problem that you may have. They can also create a customized design for you. Shutterfly is another excellent option for creating your wedding invitation. With their easy-to-use software, it is possible to get a custom invitation in no time. You can select from various options, including gate-fold, trifold, and flat invitations.


Envelope liners are a fun and functional addition to your wedding invitation suite. They are available in various materials and are a perfect complement to the theme of your wedding. A well-designed envelope liner can protect your unique invitations from damage during shipping. It can also serve as a fun surprise for guests. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this look. Envelope liners are available in different colours and patterns. You can choose the one that best matches your style.